Design Process Portfolio

Below is my Portfolio for all of my design work over the year. It compiles a range of drawing from basic shape construction, form development, concept ideation, technical drawing, design development and full projects. There is also some foam modelling to demonstrate my initial modelling abilities. This portfolio has greatly enhanced my creative abilities as …



Below are some of the CAD drawings I created on Fusion 360 for one of my first year University Modules. The portfolio for which these drawings were made was directed at the purpose of CAD in today's industry and how it can be used in many different sectors, for example, product design, lighting, games design. …

Graphic Communication – Adobe Illustrator

Portfolio of work created on Adobe Illustrator using basic shaping and text tools over the course of three weeks. Created in Year 1 of Industrial Design and Technology in Brunel University London.

Xbox One Gaming Hub

This is my final major project for my Foundation Art and Design Diploma. This product concept is a "Gaming Hub" designed to incorporate some new features into the gaming experience as well as focussing on the user experience of gaming. The hub consists of two controller pods either side of the console compartment, this was designed …

Upcycled Bird Houses

This project was a week long, upcycling project. My final outcome was using underground water pipes and unwanted wood to create bird houses. The pipes are naturally insulated, making them perfect for a home. The user would only have to place a screw into an outside wall and drop the boxes onto the screw as …

A Level Art

Below are some of my favourite pieces of my artwork from AS and A2 level in school. In AS my project revolved around the perception of beauty and how modern media is subtly enticing and encouraging women of all ages to change their appearance through makeup, surgery to achieve the "ideal body". In A2, my …

A2 Product Design

My A2 Product Design project was to create a product(s) which was inspired by a decade of my choice. My final products were a arm brace and a pouch following a medieval theme, with a theatrical focus.

Photography – 1 Week Project

During my Foundation in Art and Design, I undertook a week-long project in photography, looking at the form and structure of household cutlery. A simple medium, yet highly effective, don't you agree?