A little about me…

Katie Anne Price 

(- now you know why my name isn’t in my logo. Go on, get the laughter out now and if it hasn’t hit you yet, look at my name again and minus my middle name… there we go).

20 years old

Born in Cardiff, Wales // Based in Uxbridge, London

Currently studying a four year Industrial Design and Technology sandwich course at Brunel University London // Starting my second year in September 2017

My interests lie in consumer electronics; sound systems, gaming, graphic design and brand design and representation // lighting // cosmetics; packaging, encasing, graphics, brand design and representation // furniture; luxury design and ergonomics // service design

I also have interests in automotive design // interior design // architecture // traditional and contemporary art and craft

A little about this blog…

I set up this blog during my Foundation Year in 2016 as a way of keeping myself updated and have a constant feed of inspiration at my fingertips for anything Design or Art related wherever I am. We were suggested a list of blogs such as sites like tumblr, however I wanted something where I can not only keep a visual library of new products, innovations and news, but something that I could display my own work on for personal and professional reasons.

At first, it was more of an urge to quickly get material onto the home page so that the site had an identity and a sense of direction, however after a while of changing things around (a lot) and reading up a little more, I learned to reblog things after mentally sieving them through a thought process. This is so I had genuinely relevant and promising articles to look back on in the near future for personal knowledge, inspiration or professional gain. There are also posts I’ve written myself under the “blogged” category if you fancy a read about my current projects, analysis of products or movements or simply on my journeys.

As for the title, ‘Outside the Box’ – honestly, it’s one of the first titles I came up with whilst on the train home from Foundation and I haven’t changed it since because it sort of clicked, so why not.

I hope you enjoy browsing my personally selected sources of interest and looking at my own work produced in various years of my education. If you like anything, feel free to leave a comment or a like, it would be much appreciated.

K x


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