What is Creativity?



 – the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.
“firms are keen to encourage creativity”
Creativity is something which cannot be taught, only encouraged. From my experience, it is a combination of full immersion into a specific subject area, be that art, music, technology, science, writing or performance. For me, it is a combination of design, technology and art.
In the past, i have been assessed on my level of creativity by numbers and grades on a sheet of paper. I think this is a poor representation of how creativity should be judged. I believe that creativity can be measured by the impact it has on an audience, in all formats (science, art, music etc), for example, if an audience reacts to a performance with a standing ovation, clearly it has had an impact. I also think the way it is currently “measured” in numbers gives promising and inspired children the wrong idea of creativity is.
Creativity is born out of an idea, a concept which can be built upon or developed into something concrete, such as a product or a piece of art or something intangible like a scientific or mathematical theory. It can also be used to inspire others and generate more ideas and concepts. Creativity can be used to send a message, as propaganda or to make human life more enjoyable or easier. I find it incredibly interesting how much music can influence one’s emotions during times of stress or grief or even to enhance positive emotions, as well as being used to relax and open the mind.
In today’s fast paced, demanding society, creativity has never been more important. For example, in my field of work and research, I will be thinking a lot about how to design for a world running out of resources and energy.
Creativity has been a key element in human civilisation throughout time, from how humans built cities and empires, to creating specific lifestyles for each culture and as a method of reminding ourselves that we all creative in some way or another – even if that means appreciating what is in front of your eyes.
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